DUE to the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) crisis, CONTINUALLY MONITOR THIS SPACE and our Calendar page! Updated: 1 Oct 2020
 Note: Updates will also be posted on our Club Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/capricarclub/
 Due to current Government restrictions, our monthly meeting venue, the Matthew Flinders Hotel still remains closed!
 Accordingly, there will be NO Club meetings until further notice. Our AGM, has also been POSTPONED,
 until at least November, at this stage, WATCH THIS SPACE! We'll keep you informed as we ease out of this lockdown.
The Capri Car Club Inc. is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Formed in 1982, the Capri Car Club was originally established with the Australian assembled Ford Capri Mk.1 in mind. However, the club now welcomes all Ford Capri models, ranging from the original Consul Capri, the European designed Ford Capri Mk.1, Mk.2 and Mk.3 to the Australian designed and built Ford Capri Convertible. Many members of the Club are lucky enough to own fully imported European built Mk.2 and Mk.3 Ford Capri's, a rare sight around Australia.

The Capri Car Club is affiliated with the Motorsport Australia (previously known as CAMS), the Association of Motoring Clubs Inc. (AOMC), the Capri Club International, who are based in the United Kingdom and is a member of the Small Ford Alliance, designed to provide a stronger alliance between similar Small Ford car clubs throughout Victoria.