Club Update
 Our next gathering is scheduled for Tuesday, 21st May, 2024, at the Matthew Flinders Hotel, Dinner from 6pm.
 Note: Updates are also posted on our Club Facebook page at Capri Car Club
Small Ford Alliance
The Small Ford Alliance was started to build a stronger alliance between similar clubs in Victoria. The following car clubs have representatives involved in organising events for the Ford Small Alliance;

• Capri Car Club Inc.
• Cortina Mark One Owners Club of Australia Inc.
• Ford Four Car Club Inc.
• Ford Rallye Sport Owners Club of Victoria Inc.
• Zephyr & Zodiac Owners Club of Melbourne Inc.

The Small Ford Alliance aims to increase the quality of all events through better attendance and better organisation. More annual events are also planned for the Small Ford Alliance: Small Ford Sunday is already a massive hit involving all types of classic and modern small fords.

Each club involved has the opportunity to run as many or as little events as they require and can have the added support of involving other clubs in the event. Small Ford Alliance events can be identified by the Prefix “Small Ford”. Eg: Small Ford Christmas Cruise, Small Ford Go-Kart Championship or a Small Ford Circuit Sprint on one of the many Racing Circuits around Victoria.